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Using traditional methods and only the finest materials, our timber windows are designed to match existing windows or in new & improved styles to suit your property. Using only FSC approved timber suppliers, we ensure all of our timber is responsibly sourced. Please get in touch for a no obligation quotation. 

Casement Windows
Casement Timber Window

Casement windows are considered the most energy efficient and secure windows. Our windows are constructed from superior Sapele hardwood for increased strength and durability, and fitted with your choice of traditional locking ironmongery or contemporary multi-point locking systems.


Casement windows are fitted with A-rated toughened single or double glazed glass and are fitted with compression draught seal and additional secondary brush seal for added peace of mind. All of our windows can be supplied fully paint finished, either by hand or professional spray finishing. 

Bay & Bow Windows
Bay Window

Bay and Bow windows add interest to the exterior of a property and make rooms appear more spacious inside. Both window styles protrude from the property with a bay window being angled and bow window being curved.  

Our windows are constructed from hardwood timber to help withstand prolonged weather conditions. All opening windows are fitted with compression draught seal and additional brush strip to help eliminate draughts. Mouldings and architraves can also be matched to preserve original aesthetics. 

Listed & Conservation Windows
Listed Windows

We are specialists in listed and conservation windows.  In listed properties, the integrity of timber windows are of significant importance and we are happy to liaise with local planning authorities and architects on your behalf. 

We produce detailed CAD drawings for planning consent and can endeavour to reuse existing glass should this be required.  We use traditional joinery techniques and, where requested, apply modern techniques to improve energy efficiency and draught-proofing - this can include slimline double glazed units depending on local authority requirements. 

Sash Windows
Timber Sash Window
Timber Sash Window

Most commonly found in Victorian and Georgian properties, sash windows offer a timeless addition to a period property. Traditionally constructed from softwood, we construct our windows from superior Sapele hardwood as standard for increased longevity.


Sash windows are operated with weights concealed within the frame and are fitted with A-rated toughened single or double glazed glass.  Our sash windows are fitted with brush draught strip in the meeting rails, parting bead and staff bead as standard in order to help eliminate draughts. All of our windows can be supplied fully paint finished, either by hand or professional spray finishing.  

Curved & Angular Windows
Curved Timber Window

Curved and angular headed windows are often a key feature of a property. We can replicate existing period windows to any shape and design, and will ensure existing timber materials are matched.  

As well as curved frameworks, the windows can be fitted with curved clear or stained glass. For period properties, windows can be individually glazed with bowed glass and be hand puttied and hand painted. For modern properties, we can use modern joinery techniques to create stunning architectural windows.  

Window Refurbishment
Window Refurbishment

Where it is not necessary to replace a window, we also offer a window refurbishment programme. This includes repairing existing windows, upgrading windows for improved energy efficiency and treating, repairing or replacing rotten timber sections. 

A standard window refurbishment includes the removal of existing sashes, treating and filling rotten timber sections, weighing existing sashes and ensuring weight of counterbalances, replacing sash cords and pulley wheels, installing new staff and parting beads, draught proofing perimeters, ensuring windows are fully operational and replacing broken glass where required. 

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